Emma Blackery: Review

Emma Blackery returned to Cardiff as part of her 2017 tour, before heading on to Newcastle. I’ve previously seen her support Charlie Simpson and Busted, however seeing her headline her own gig in my home town was special. There were two support acts – Valeras and Rusty Clanton, both of whom pumped up the crowd and delivered some excellent new tracks. In fact, Valeras’ female band members outnumbered the males, which is quite unusual to see, yet refreshing and inspiring for aspiring female musicians.

IMG_8210.JPG       IMG_8234.JPG

And then it was time for Emma – accompanied by a talented group of musicians, she hit the stage and opened with ‘Nothing Without You’, which is the first track on her new EP, ‘Magnetised’. She then performed an array of songs from her previous EPs ‘Perfect’, and ‘Distance’, along with her new tracks, which were definitely winning over the crowd. Emma was so energetic and full of life, certainly making it a night to remember.

IMG_8324.PNG    IMG_8266.JPG

Emma also paid tribute to the victims of the recent Manchester attack, through a series of acoustic songs. She added, “Live music needs to continue despite all the IMG_8302.JPGhorrible things happening in the world. Music spreads love and positivity, and they will not scare us”. The crowd was in uproar after the songs, which certainly shows how united we all have to be to battle through such tragic events.

The concert was incredible, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap night packed with top-class live entertainment, or those who are fans of the pop-punk genre. Tickets are less than £20, which is a steal. Emma’s next heading over to Newcastle, Glasgow, Norwich, Birmingham and London, so try and snatch up some tickets before they’re all gone! It’s an evening not to be missed.

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