Urban Outfitters DIY: Review

Today I visited Cardiff’s Urban Outfitters store, which is on the Hayes. Before I started broIMG_8353.JPGwsing, I noticed there was a large table set out, where people were painting. I was intrigued, so went over to see what was happening. I was then told that there was a DIY event going on, where you could paint and take home a terracotta pot free of charge!

When I got talking to Jana, who was the member of staff leading this event, she started to tell me more about the events that have perviously been held within the store. From what I can tell, the store has carried out many successfIMG_8350.JPGul events, including an evening with a live DJ set, and even free tote bag printing!

Today, my shopping experience at this store was unforgettable…especially now as I have my own pot to remember it by! Thank you to Jana and the rest of the UO Cardiff team for making customers leave with a smile on their face.  I’d recommend popping into your nearest Urban Outfitters store and asking about any upcoming events, they’re not to be missed! Find your nearest store here.


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